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Belly's Mountain View Inn

Belly's History

Belly's Mountain View Inn, originally established as Safford's Grand View Cottage in the 1890's, has had a storied history in the community.

Myron and Orphelia (better known as Mike and Orpha) Safford started the popular hostelry. The Safford's enjoyed a large patronage for many years and were well known for their meals and hospitality. Mike assisted greatly in the building of the Union Protestant Church and consequently both Mike and Orpha gave much of their time to the Church. Mike was also a good violinist and was in demand for dances all around the area.

Orpha passed away in 1936 and Mike in 1941. (1)

Ownership has passed through several hands since, until Terry "Belly" Bellinger purchased it in January 2003. He embarked on an eight-month renovation project and eventually opened the doors for business on August 29, 2003. Times have changed and faces have changed, but Belly and his staff look forward to meeting you and providing you with a place known for great food, drink and fun, all served up with Mountain View Hospitality.

(1) "Water Over The Dam at Mountain View in The Adirondacks" written by Floy S. Hyde